The Shrinking Paradigm Change

Why are traditional optic manufacturing companies faced with a fast need for change?

Recent years, traditional sport optics manufacturers are faced with an increasing market demand for optronic products. It seems to be that all is about to:
“Be optronic or not to be optronic”

The time has gone that innovation can be sold via bigger lenses or better lens coating.
We have reached a technical level where the footprint e.g. design of optics is shrinking instead of growing.
It is hard for them to hear, but true that you do not need a 56mm lens anymore, either in your hand or at your scope.
With the optronic deal, you get the light for free, there is no need to “collect” or even intensifie it anymore.


The above picture shows on the left side a 11x80mm binocular, sold as a “very low light” bino for twilight use. On the right sight is shown a compact handheld thermal imager typ Keiler-25.
Technically wise, the thermal imager nearly 99% compensates the bino, esthetic wise the bino outperforms the thermal more than 110%.


The market driven pull effect gives optic companies two choices, either change and adapt fast or watch the train from behind.
As we know, companies like Swarovski already started to move in the right direction, as they  currently work on a handheld thermal imager which will be launched latest at the IWA show 2018.
Leupold launched beginning 2017 the LTO Tracker, utilizing the Raytheon 206×156 Pixel 12µm Pitch detector, same as used for the Seek RevealXR handeld thermal imager.


Trijicon optics recently bought the innovative thermal imager manufacturer IRD Defence and startet their new Electro Optics devision.

Is anyone out there still using a tube driven TV?
Exactly, we are in the HD age on the flat and curved wave.
Got pixels?
Yes, certainly but please not less than 3840×2160

We will be experiencing, that the small innovative companies will beat the big ones, once again.
Big steps and innovation in the hunting/outdoor market will be seen in the optic sector and not on anti tick trousers our pink colored AR-15 plattforms.
Light intensifier products will be compensated by digital CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) optics and traditional “daylight” optics will be fitted in the transition phase firstly with digital features such as Bluetooth link to e.g. ballistic Apps, such as the Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P and then go 100% optronic.
We talk again in 2018..